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What do you expect on a genwunner team? (Archived)charman564/10/2014
My Living Dex project (Archived)
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Opinions about the 3D look (Archived)dustdusty9344/10/2014
What are the most unpopular Pokemon? (Archived)
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6th member? (Archived)Unfairy14/10/2014
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>>>>>> Does Pokemon Ammie scare you!?... (Poll)
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pokegenner with some questions (Archived)
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Are the restaurants as rigged as the Battle Institute/Maison? (Archived)wolf rider64/10/2014
Breeding Questions for Froakie aka Doctor Love! (Archived)Amourshipping44/10/2014
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Question about Hyper Cutter and Burn status (Archived)InfamousTouya24/10/2014
Why does Joey have to be so hot? (Archived)charman564/10/2014
C/D Absol Should Be... (Archived)Donniedonz54/10/2014
Mega Banettes reputation is only ruined by the terryblah pureiyas who use it (Archived)kadabrium24/10/2014
Hatching Kangaskhan eggs is weird as **** (Archived)Falchionne94/10/2014
My first X&Y Shiny! ^_^ (Archived)
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Which one disappointed you the most in not getting a Mega Evolution? (Poll)
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Art Contest #2 redone: Who can draw the best battle scene? (Archived)
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