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Pokemon Creation Tree; Where would Xerneas, Yveltal, Zgrade go? /Heatran Theory (Archived)
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JudgeMaster233/8 10:36PM
How rare are Aron hordes? (Archived)Raltrios103/8 10:35PM
Why does Gamefreak insist on making defensive ice types? (Archived)
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iKhan88443/8 10:25PM
Epic Fail matches that should have ended with my defeat (Archived)Rainbowgloom63/8 10:19PM
Hey guys, check this out! (Archived)GangstaLizard9553/8 10:16PM
Gogoat or Ampharos for my in-game team? (Archived)SegavsCapcom53/8 10:14PM
Dig good on Gliscor? (Archived)DarkHeroZX83/8 10:03PM
Naughty Lopunny? (Archived)
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yoshirulezzz163/8 10:01PM
Rate my singles and doubles team for random matchup! (Archived)Yoshiguy3971103/8 9:59PM
Rate my team. (Archived)iKhan8843/8 9:55PM
Why did you choose the version you chose? (Poll)
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Shigmiya641013/8 9:54PM
Should I even bother transferring Dream World Pokemon from Gen V? (Archived)
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Mystery_Cooper143/8 9:53PM
Trading question (Archived)Almorfa33/8 9:53PM
How long until Pokemon start fusing together with their trainers? (Archived)
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itachi134213/8 9:32PM
Would Unown be uber if its ability made Hidden Power have a 50% chance to 1HKO? (Poll)
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DKU_Arich123/8 9:30PM
What is your idea for the perfect rival and enemy group? (Archived)
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Ethanb900183/8 9:24PM
Transferring stuff from one game to another with only one 3DS? (Archived)l33t_ninj4_133763/8 9:23PM
Think we'll ever get a Pokemon game in which the models aren't chibi? (Archived)
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Ein_Soph213/8 9:23PM
How valuable are pokemon with Pokerus? (Archived)XGeass103/8 9:21PM
What types should I use... (Archived)GangstaLizard9563/8 9:04PM