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If Celebreties would be Pokemon (Archived)
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hodelino154/9 2:27PM
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NME_Enterprises274/9 2:03PM
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RNG at its F***ing finest (Archived)
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RJrockstar224/9 2:01PM
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Do you think many Pokegirls are 10 years old? (Archived)
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PeterTheHedge304/9 1:43PM
OMG dis sounds so wrong ... ummmm pokegirls wut kind of clothing and accessories (Archived)
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Chenmaster2464/9 1:40PM
Choice Bad Aegislash FTW. (Archived)kadabrium44/9 1:37PM
They Should Just Make A Poke Smash Bros. (Archived)JohnHalo343104/9 1:26PM
I laugh at players who try to use special CharizardX or mixed CharizardX (Archived)
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pcmike2214/9 1:26PM
Have you noticed something (Archived)
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charman5134/9 1:23PM