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The first time ive ever used giga drain on yanmega (Archived)kadabrium14/7 1:45PM
I wantz a mudkip darn GTS! (Archived)
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Plant42134/7 1:31PM
Jolly Drapion or Adamant Drapion? (Poll)
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MahoganyTooth921454/7 1:31PM
Rate my in-game team (Archived)GangstaLizard9524/7 1:29PM
diancie might be coming (Archived)
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actuatedkarma144/7 1:23PM
To anyone who hates Shiny Eviolite Boldore, (Archived)
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Hydregionzek214/7 1:00PM
Question about egg moves (Archived)Jack106654/7 12:53PM
So making a Power Ranger theme'd team. (Archived)
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TacoOfTheOpera124/7 12:47PM
Does syncronize work on hordes? (Archived)sonicths1fan84/7 12:41PM
How does contrary work? (Archived)vinhamon104/7 12:38PM
Since swagger is banned I decided I am going to make a confuse ray team (Archived)gbagcn54/7 12:36PM
Your pokemon team based on a videogame (Archived)
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Yumatsukumo124/7 12:32PM
Like I said, why is everyone shocked? I told you this was going to happen. :p (Archived)
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cardoor123 gf304/7 12:23PM
Pick 2 Pokemon per Fire/Water/Grass FS to be replaced by unreleased HA starters. (Archived)CakeOfLies54/7 12:14PM
Can you not KO Xerneas to fight them after the E4? (Archived)SorrySleeping84/7 12:03PM
Disturb not... (Archived)Hydregionzek64/7 11:57AM
Can Earthquake be used instead of Close Combat on Pinsir? (Archived)
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cloud_8f8f194/7 11:48AM
Battle of Goofy looking dragons : Dragonite vs Goodra (Archived)
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neo1mark154/7 11:44AM
How do people get so much wins at battle spot? (Archived)
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vinhamon134/7 11:39AM
Diancie officially revealed in English (Archived)zelionx74/7 11:35AM