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Riolu Evolution Not Happening? (Archived)
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Feliaria183/22 3:07PM
Is Sylveon with a modest nature acceptable? (Poll)
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Kadoatie213/22 3:07PM
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Flareon uses red rocket (Archived)Bryan_Skull83/22 2:57PM
This board is Ness (Archived)
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jakovu323/22 2:56PM
Question about pokegen'd mons.. (Archived)caddiw53/22 2:51PM
Shiny and legendary pokemon should have perfect IV's and a new item (Archived)Bryan_Skull93/22 2:44PM
Summary of a Showdown battle once. (Archived)jakovu73/22 2:34PM
Under which circumstances is using hacked pokemon allowed? (Archived)
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Haxdreigon113/22 2:33PM
Has Virizion always looked stupid when shiny? (Archived)javel3453/22 2:30PM
I don't understand why people quit the third turn for the pettiest reasons (Archived)SOAD5657103/22 2:28PM
Smogon only bans things they can't beat (Archived)
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zelionx173/22 2:21PM
Question about powersave? (Archived)Latia8973/22 2:20PM
best twitchplays pokemon sheet (Archived)ftbplyr98133/22 2:11PM
Been gone for a minute (Archived)SgtCashmere33/22 2:05PM is down (Archived)
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SoulRequiem2683/22 1:57PM
Adamant, Naughty, Impish, or Careful Slurpuff? (Archived)
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vinhamon113/22 1:56PM
Strongest pokemon of all types (restrictions in message.) (Archived)
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blademyth133/22 1:54PM
I'm so bad at this game...I hate my life (Archived)
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hodelino393/22 1:53PM