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How does one even go about organizing all those Bank boxes (Archived)kazooie95952/11 6:45PM
Help me decide the last three members of my gym team. (Archived)Bobsplosion72/11 6:44PM
Dang you, Talonflame... (Archived)
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TwiceNightley292/11 6:31PM
What kind of "legit" pokemon are you guys not getting through? (Archived)
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AzureKite18152/11 6:29PM
So I'm breeding for a shiny shinx with guts. (Archived)zeldalord42/11 6:27PM
Why can't GameFreak just make one Pokemon game instead of two editions? (Archived)
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jason19192712/11 6:23PM
lol my starter Greninja has two 0 IVs (Archived)kazooie95952/11 6:18PM
This is the luckiest battle of my life... (Archived)davidledsma102/11 6:18PM
Do You Like Infernape? (Poll)
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BurnedPotatoes312/11 6:17PM
Oh I am so dumb. (Archived)Shigmiya6452/11 6:16PM
This an okay Goomy? (Archived)aliashubbatch52/11 6:15PM
Y/R: Trick Room is no longer in the -7 priority bracket (Archived)
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M3rett0142/11 6:07PM
i dont know how to do the calculations.. need some help... (Archived)mrraiders7662/11 5:57PM
Anyone can suggest me a good EV spread for this Delpox set? (Archived)hodelino102/11 5:56PM
bulkiest pokemon (Archived)arumagesuto82/11 5:55PM
How to teach brave bird and flare blitz to talonflame? (Archived)jmmolestina72/11 5:53PM
Was your first shiny as useless as mine? (Archived)
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alphaZubat642/11 5:53PM are the online battles going? (Archived)MechaKirby12/11 5:52PM
I don't have X or Y yet, so what's new? (Archived)
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DarthNightmaric112/11 5:49PM
stuck in the battle mansion (Archived)ArcXenos82/11 5:38PM