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No "World Championship" in Black/White Super Music Collection (Archived)zelionx24/8 6:30PM
Moveset and ev spread for a bold mega ampharos? (Archived)gavinlee99914/8 6:28PM
So it's game freaks fault that people hack? (Archived)
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LightningAce11404/8 6:27PM
I need mewtwo and blaziken and I'm satisfied (Archived)gamepimp1254/8 6:21PM
Does anyone have any "unconcential" teams that work? (Archived)Josebautista58364/8 6:20PM
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Lucario's new Final Smash is Mega Lucario! (Archived)CakeOfLies84/8 5:49PM
would you be ok with pokemon dx/dy and pokemon dy/dx? (Archived)
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pokemon2poker134/8 5:30PM
I can finally be black now?! (Archived)
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DepreceV2164/8 5:24PM
Pokebank trial expired? (Archived)Yochodo44/8 5:24PM
You'll never believe what a girl told me ;3 (Archived)
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pokemon2poker174/8 5:14PM
On the order of ethics, Episode 1: Breeding and Eugenics. (Archived)Hydregionzek54/8 5:03PM
Which nature for (Poll)
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MegaSableye144/8 5:00PM
What can choice scarf adamant haxorous 1hk with outrage? (Archived)deoxxys14/8 4:57PM
what should smogon ban next (Poll)
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fakefire264/8 4:36PM
I have a Deoxys i would like to trade (Archived)besteverunited24/8 4:34PM
These scrubs need to know their place. (Archived)
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Wheeper234/8 4:25PM
RE: Breeding over the course of time instead of steps (Archived)Gunfreak01014/8 4:23PM
Help me Breed (Archived)NeoMonk54/8 4:15PM
I f***ing hate f***ing shiny eviolite Boldore (Archived)
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hodelino1794/8 4:07PM