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inTaCtfuL134/8 3:22PM
So huge power "doubles" attack (Archived)
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drlolimaster294/8 3:06PM
Moveset for a non-boosting Lucario/Mega Lucario? (Archived)Yoshiguy397184/8 3:04PM
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Where do you spend the majority of the time battling online? (Archived)
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cloud_8f8f114/8 2:38PM
Probably a noob question to the majority of you, but was does "KB" mean?? (Archived)jd_walker64/8 2:38PM
Rage Ensues (Archived)Pokechamp770744/8 2:33PM
New Power saves codes (Archived)
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wellington114/8 2:32PM
Is this a good team? (Archived)
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FightingPolygon124/8 2:29PM
Smogon can't even beat Quagsire so they ban it's Swagger (Archived)
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ElectricPorygon974/8 2:28PM
So I'm not allowed to even talk about a give away here? (Archived)Falchionne54/8 2:26PM
Mono-Normal teams don't work. (Archived)SirPikachu94/8 2:23PM
Bold or Calm Slurpuff? (Archived)vinhamon34/8 2:19PM
Im writhing in pain and my head is about to explode because I just discovered... (Archived)
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deoxxys164/8 2:17PM
So it looks like Twitch plays emerald might fail (Archived)
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pkmnpkmn264/8 2:17PM