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Anyone can suggest me a good EV spread for this Delpox set? (Archived)hodelino102/11 5:56PM
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Was your first shiny as useless as mine? (Archived)
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alphaZubat642/11 5:53PM are the online battles going? (Archived)MechaKirby12/11 5:52PM
I don't have X or Y yet, so what's new? (Archived)
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DarthNightmaric112/11 5:49PM
stuck in the battle mansion (Archived)ArcXenos82/11 5:38PM
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Take that bank! (Archived)jmeistermcjable82/11 5:32PM
Why did Gamefreak have to go overboard with priority?! (Archived)
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pafbonk432/11 5:30PM
Looking for list of Multi Battle Partners - I want that trophy! (Archived)SpoonMan5432162/11 5:29PM
What are some good competitive Kalos Pokemon? (Archived)
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The Game Champion122/11 5:29PM
advice on new free battle team (Archived)Kaiisan12/11 5:29PM
Pokemon that you wish were good, but just come up short. (Archived)
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Xavuu1062/11 5:28PM
I decided to keep my Xerneas (Archived)WSTW3DS12/11 5:26PM
Your ideal Battle Maison team? (Archived)trunks7614032/11 5:21PM
2 favourite/least favourite Pokemon... (Archived)
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eimajamie132/11 5:06PM
3 days till Valentines (Archived)Dante204912/11 5:01PM
So I really want to use Kingler (Archived)
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Ace81892202/11 4:59PM
It just hit me that Hoopa looks like a Djinn (Archived)
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tremain07142/11 4:58PM