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RMT (VGC Team) (Archived)JohnRust714/5 3:41PM
Route 14 should have constant rain and Route 19 should have no rain (Archived)kirbydude38554/5 3:35PM
Cresselia/ghost girl? (Archived)espressonist24/5 3:34PM
Why Scizor is super overrated and probably the worst Pokemon ever (Archived)
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SilverZangoose1484/5 3:23PM
New move ideas (Archived)Professor_Jstn44/5 3:23PM
How would one go about breeding a 5 IV Snorlax and Blissey with proper natures? (Archived)
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ajko000194/5 3:22PM
Do you wish you could take off your hat? (Archived)
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likeabosssss154/5 3:19PM
So why exactly is there only a one hour window for finding Mega Stones? (Archived)
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CakeOfLies214/5 3:18PM
Before I train a Mawile, is there a new moveset that makes SD obsolete? (Archived)CakeOfLies24/5 3:18PM
RU Eviolite Gabite? (Archived)raymond200047664/5 3:01PM
2 months later, what was your favorite Pokebank meme? (Poll)
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OrangeCrush980154/5 2:57PM
What would the IV Judge say if you had 0 in everything? (Archived)
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pokenoms144/5 2:50PM
phazing moves should be fixed. (Archived)kadabrium24/5 2:40PM
Your voice is replaced by a Pokemon's in game cry. Which is it? (Archived)
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choicespec424/5 2:38PM
Does Anyone Have A List Of Pokemon in RU? (Archived)raymond200047624/5 2:31PM
Honestly, Trick Room should also reverse priority. (Archived)
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Solar_Crimson194/5 2:29PM
EV Spread for my Aromatisse (Poll)Animako54/5 2:27PM
I'm done with competitive battling (Archived)
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mrballerswaggin224/5 2:20PM
Are there any hold items to increase defense? (Archived)dudeboy63894/5 2:15PM
So, what Vivillon patterns are the rarest? (Archived)
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Missingno_Mastr114/5 2:13PM