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Nickname my Barbaracle! (Archived)
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Mobile_Platform152/10 7:20PM
Moveset for mega houndoom (Archived)elasalle32/10 7:18PM
Korrina Skating Spinoff: Korrina Krush: The Movie: The Game 2: Returns 3DU (Archived)SpunkySix32/10 7:17PM
C/D Pokebank should be able to hold items, but not the transporter (Poll)KingDeadpool52/10 7:15PM
Thw worst kind of player in your opinion. (Archived)
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Is_Corrupted162/10 7:14PM
Rate my Rain Team (Archived)
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vinhamon112/10 7:09PM
Why won't the Vivillon change colors? (Archived)CCGreenRaider62/10 7:09PM
Well, that was nice :) (Archived)SuprSaiyanRockr22/10 7:09PM
Shiny Hunting Music Tempo (Archived)liligantguy22/10 7:02PM
So how do... (Archived)porygon_z_12922/10 7:02PM
Pokemon White 2 Error Code 13274 (Archived)Skettro12/10 7:01PM
Why would you play anything besides 6v6 (Archived)
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Judgmenl342/10 7:00PM
Your thoughts on Heliolisk getting an evolution or mega to the likes of this... (Archived)
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TheSnubbz162/10 7:00PM
I'm gonna start hunting for Scrappy Taillow... (Archived)navi85422/10 6:59PM
Objection! That battle was objectionable. (Archived)100Dumplings52/10 6:58PM
Which starter should I choose for my team? (Archived)JM_14_GOW102/10 6:57PM
HA Breeding Question (Archived)123outerme82/10 6:55PM
C/D: Recoil should occur when a move "doesn't affect ??? Pokemon". (Archived)
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kclaujames122/10 6:53PM
Has the pokebank came out yet? (Archived)TheSteelPhoenix62/10 6:52PM
So what is the "Mystery Gift" function for asides from the free Torchic? (Archived)G1ingy102/10 6:52PM