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TG_Wolf112/13 9:26AM
God, Diancie is so ugly. (Archived)
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NEW-WAYS-2-DIE302/13 9:25AM
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Battle with my IRL friend. Suggestions? (Archived)LightSprite32/13 9:20AM
my 85-streak in the maison ruined by..... (Archived)
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SpoonMan54321362/13 9:19AM
Alternate forms to collect? (Archived)
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Nidoprime202/13 9:19AM
what are the odds? (Archived)Glass_Bear82/13 9:09AM
I think that Diancie and Carbink have a relation, but it's... (Archived)
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marioluigi67890162/13 9:09AM
Guys help with Masuda Please! (Archived)Fliptwix52/13 8:58AM
Dear God. I can't breed anymore. I just can't. (Archived)
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achimed262/13 8:53AM
I caught a Shiny Modest Vanillite last night and need little help with it. (Archived)CakeOfLies102/13 8:52AM
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That moment when you FINALLY get a 50 streak on BM (Archived)lime1122022/13 8:36AM
"Fighting you is a waste" aw dude... (Archived)legendrider22/13 8:28AM
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Genesect build for mono bug team? (Archived)joey1122352/13 8:20AM
can a poison pokemon holding toxic orb get poisoned? (Archived)m0986-892/13 8:04AM
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