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I need help plz (Archived)Adumigan93/1 1:39PM
ITT list every in game name you ever used in Pokemon (Poll)
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choicespec443/1 1:37PM
whys mega lati@s pukegreen (Archived)kadabrium73/1 1:29PM
Twitch Team (Archived)NINDOX63/1 1:25PM
YR: Pokemon Z lets you dress up as a gym leader/NPC of choice via more boutiques (Archived)Puppyfaic103/1 1:17PM
What's so special about memories? (Archived)R3MIX3D33/1 1:17PM
Whats the best calculator? (Archived)polarwind173/1 1:11PM
lol get rekt (quick showdown battle) (Archived)KokoFlow43/1 1:08PM
With the new Floette would fairy trap become a possible team archetype ? (Archived)
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gamepimp12183/1 1:07PM
pokemon bank still free? (Archived)pichuvolttackle23/1 1:06PM
For those having trouble redeeming free code from Club Nintendo (Archived)Vito21933/1 1:03PM
Shofu's chat is disgusting (Archived)
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ShadowUmbreon42113/1 12:57PM
Nurse Joy treats you differently when you have a gold trainer card (Archived)omgitsjustme23/1 12:40PM
Can someone help me understand the type chart? (Archived)thedeerzord63/1 12:36PM
It's been months after release. How often do you change clothes? (Archived)
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choicespec123/1 12:30PM
Has anyone had any luck calling Nintendo about the offer? (Archived)kyler45103/1 12:25PM
nintendo wth!!!!! (Archived)pichuvolttackle43/1 12:25PM
question about scatterbug (Archived)GTthunder53/1 12:20PM
Cloning w/ Power Saves (Archived)Hydregionzek53/1 12:11PM
Why can't a pokemon be burned, poisoned, asleep, and paralyzed at the same time? (Archived)Bugorchestra93/1 12:10PM