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FR/LF (RBGY) Remakes!!!! (Archived)
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sonicths1fan124/2 2:43PM
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(FAN IDEA) Explosive type? (Archived)
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Darkdemon8910194/2 2:32PM
Will i gain anything from the looker quests? (Archived)WorldTrader74/2 2:22PM
Would Charizard Y be still ok without modest nature? (Archived)
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WorldTrader164/2 2:20PM
Pokemon whose types you have trouble remembering. (Archived)
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abcDSBT364/2 2:19PM
Is Toxic Spikes worth using in 3v3? (Battle Spot) (Archived)
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Misdreavus573164/2 2:17PM
What Pokemon Do You Dislike And Why? (Archived)
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raymond2000476154/2 2:16PM
which ones are the rarest pokemon (Archived)
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mariopokefan17394/2 2:04PM
It's awesome when the first egg you hatch has 5IVs. (Archived)The Fir Coat64/2 1:57PM
What are some weird things you believed in about Pokemon when you were a kid? (Archived)john150bacardi84/2 1:51PM
Pokemon X/Y Quiz *Spoilers Inside* (Archived)
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DrainDeimos944/2 1:41PM
Would Serene Grace be less annoying if... (Poll)Dembonez19104/2 1:38PM
Anybody else hoping Dragonair eventually gets an alternate evolution? (Archived)
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holy_bolt214/2 1:31PM
Is there a way to improve the chance to get Leftovers through Pickup? (Archived)Tatan_9354/2 1:22PM
GTS, Really? (Archived)Zexda1554/2 1:21PM