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Take a less popular Pokemon (NU) and make it either OU or UU (improve it) (Archived)
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Kylebe611212/12 7:18PM
breeding kangaskhan (Archived)trainer22752/12 7:15PM
Game sync ended because the server is busy... (Archived)
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radred2004122/12 7:14PM
Which pokegirl can be recreated the best with customization? (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger382/12 7:10PM
Does everyone keep their Pokes in the Bank or in their games PC? (Archived)
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thenewgodofwar1192/12 7:09PM
Was I just trolled, or..? (Archived)
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Puppyfaic132/12 7:07PM
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All of a sudden I was getting excited when I spotted Revenankh........ (Archived)Carbon_Deoxxys32/12 6:51PM
Do You Like Blaziken? (Poll)
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BurnedPotatoes402/12 6:48PM
Ghost Pokemon would be serial killers in real life (Archived)Second_Hokage102/12 6:46PM
Reaction: Contrary Serperior is released in Gen 7 (Archived)Meta28972/12 6:41PM
What was your reaction to Fairy Type being introduced? (Archived)
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TableFlip1132/12 6:41PM