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A Letter to Ducklett (Archived)hodelino33/5 4:54PM
Gamefreak's Japanese staff weren't all that creative with names, were they...? (Archived)
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Holy_Oblivion503/5 4:54PM
They should upgrade Leech Life (Archived)
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zane0144113/5 4:54PM
just breed a 5IV chimchar (Archived)
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lucapit153/5 4:49PM
Baton Passing Simple (Archived)alex1_2_3_4_573/5 4:42PM
Twitch plays Pokemon Crystal! -- All hail the second coming of bird Jesus. (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz5003/5 4:41PM
How powerful would an Explosion coming from a pure power sudowoodo be? (Archived)
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Felix6464163/5 4:35PM
How viable is a team of 6 imposter dittos (Archived)
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Blue_Inigo353/5 4:33PM
*writes a new message for Wondertrading* (Archived)SorrySleeping13/5 4:32PM
Has anyone ever found out who the Editor-in-Cheif was? (Archived)Rayquaza_is_Z13/5 4:32PM
How often do the trainers in the Battle Chateau recycle? (Archived)ajko00043/5 4:32PM
What if the professor in the next game... (Archived)
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Isiah Zombie223/5 4:28PM
Dammit passerby, I didn't want to trade with you the first time you asked... (Archived)
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ChapFromKrugis243/5 4:22PM
Battle Mansion woes (Archived)Ice_Dragon1453/5 4:22PM
Generally speaking, which is better: (Archived)Blackcat012373/5 4:19PM
How would you feel about... (Archived)Hydreigoon93/5 4:18PM
Sleep Clause (Archived)JohnRust763/5 4:17PM
How to effectively abuse trick room in singles. Go. (Archived)drlolimaster43/5 4:13PM
is this a capable team to beat E4? (Archived)ZLn1383/5 4:04PM
YR: Shuckle gets an evolution (Archived)
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jakenlucas113/5 4:03PM