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How about a Normal/Psychic type with Justified? (Archived)
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Moe_Lester_13123/30 5:19PM
A hypothetical Ghost/Normal type would be pretty awesome, actually (Archived)
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SalsaSavant163/30 5:16PM
I'm not sure what this guy was thinking here. (Archived)davidledsma103/30 5:08PM
New game Pokebank question (Archived)Zexda1523/30 5:00PM
i just went back to anistar city (Archived)
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Dathedr-vodhr153/30 4:52PM
Are there any more non-legendary, non-mega standalone Pokemon in OU? (Archived)KillerMechanoid103/30 4:51PM
Would you be okay going back to a 2D over world if battles were still in 3D? (Archived)
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Fr33z163/30 4:49PM
My berry Picker game has a mind of its own!!!!!!!!!!!! (Archived)moltres_rider33/30 4:45PM
RNG, Ya Killin' Me. (Archived)123outerme93/30 4:44PM
Ok, battle chateau is just annoying me. (Archived)
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Uratoh173/30 4:40PM
Smogon thinking of nerfing baton pass. (Archived)
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00bularn00bular3153/30 4:38PM
What is the ratio for parents to pass down hidden abilities to offspring? (Archived)RemixDeluxe103/30 4:37PM
Make the themes match the mechanics (Archived)SilentS8993/30 4:37PM
Where do you find the game director in this game? (Archived)GalaxyEmperor23/30 4:34PM
When breeding(ellipses) (Archived)emeraldfox_0973/30 4:31PM
Help me pick my two pokes for my OU team (Archived)jimbiz93/30 4:31PM
Egg moves poll #5 - Gastly (Poll)Magikarpus33/30 4:25PM
When using Exp. Point Power Lv. 3 at Le Wow, does it last all the way though? (Archived)ajko00043/30 4:23PM
There should be a grass/fire pokemon called Mosash. (Archived)Nanahara71553/30 4:22PM
Are the legendary bird's nature/IVs set when you first encounter them randomly? (Archived)GREEN0063/30 4:20PM