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Which mons with no HA would be broken if they got a Gale Wings equivalent? (Archived)
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Dorami302/9 8:40PM
So has anyone been able to do this? (Archived)kagenoronin8732/9 8:38PM
If f***ing Batman had a Pokemon Team (Archived)
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Daemonscharm262/9 8:36PM
You wake up next to this Pokemon in your bed (Archived)
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gamefatty492/9 8:32PM
Just hatched my first 6IV Pokemon! (Archived)bobby16may42/9 8:30PM
suffered my first loss today (Archived)fakefire92/9 8:30PM
Got Protean Kecleon with the Physical Punches. (Archived)ArmoredGuns52/9 8:29PM
Let us mourn the loss of the gender-changing Azurill (Archived)jayman772/9 8:27PM
Sableye moveset (Archived)vinhamon32/9 8:25PM
Would Adamant Greninja be better than Jolly because of having two priority atks? (Archived)
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Kholdstare3112/9 8:23PM
Need a tank/staller for my team (Archived)C3isSwift52/9 8:20PM
Does gluttony extreemspeed linoone pass? (Archived)Tyler_strazza62/9 8:20PM
What is the difference between investing EVs in HP and in the Defenses? (Archived)kclaujames62/9 8:17PM
So you're telling me my Dragonite's OUTRAGE does (Archived)RemembranceSky62/9 8:16PM
Female Avis can customize themselves to look like a gym leader? (Archived)RemembranceSky62/9 8:15PM
Do we know the base stats and abilities for those event pokemon yet? (Archived)tremain0792/9 8:12PM
Every time I see Reshiram and Zekrom.. (Archived)Blackcat012322/9 8:04PM
Need Help in pokegen again (Archived)
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SunTea07172/9 8:03PM
How is this Ferrothorn move set? (Archived)Godstriker822/9 8:02PM
So does Dialga count as Celebi's sugar daddy? (Archived)gkathellar52/9 8:02PM