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YR: Battle Announcer commentates on wifi battles (Archived)
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Byxis7282/12 4:06PM
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Metagross: Clear Body or Light Metal (Archived)
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Runeofnite132/12 4:05PM
So how the heck is Carbink gonna evolve into that diamond lady? (Archived)
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TheAquaman803302/12 4:04PM
"Gimmicks" you like to use? (Archived)GoGoat72/12 4:02PM
is a celebi worth anything? (Archived)Kudaku32/12 4:01PM
YR: The event to obtain Diancie is a special horde battle of one Diancie and... (Archived)
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Shadow_Navi_EX302/12 3:59PM
If I give my Limber Ditto an Ability Capsule, will it change to Imposter? (Archived)TooManyVowels22/12 3:57PM
A few Sylveon questions (Archived)Miggi3Fr3sh102/12 3:51PM
What was the first starter you ever chose in gen 4? (Poll)Real_trainerRed92/12 3:46PM
i think abomasnow may be the worst mega. (Archived)
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Carbon_Deoxxys592/12 3:40PM
Who's your favorite Cute Charm user? (Poll)davidledsma72/12 3:39PM
Why do you hack? (Archived)
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YourLuck582/12 3:37PM
Planning in breeding a spiritomb but which would be better it's hidden ability (Archived)setokaiba40022/12 3:37PM
Would you think its a good idea to set up a Gamefaqs Pokemon League? (Poll)
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Isiah Zombie872/12 3:34PM
Azumarill and play rough (Archived)Second_Hokage102/12 3:33PM
Do you think they'll ever put Triple battles in the Anime? (Archived)Turbo_TRex62/12 3:31PM
Is it easier to RNG a Ditto in B/W, or Gen IV? (Archived)Godstriker852/12 3:24PM
How do stat decreases work? (Archived)Ghetsis42/12 3:17PM