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Are these good stats for my Delphox? (Archived)
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Kaeaja443/30 2:53AM
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Lol at people who think they are good because they use double team (Archived)LightningAce1153/30 2:42AM
PSS Subliminal Message (Archived)
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MegaManPokeDude183/30 2:13AM
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can you trade eggs? (Archived)Dathedr-vodhr33/30 1:42AM
why are adults so stupid in this game (Archived)fakefire63/30 1:30AM
Your best trade in each generation (Archived)JMISBEST53/30 1:28AM
help me make a final fantasy six pokemon team (Archived)LegendaryMachie13/30 1:24AM
ITT: We post a Pokemon tale, six words at a time. (Archived)
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ChapFromKrugis473/30 1:10AM
Any pokegenist online that can make 2 or 3 pokes (Archived)Germaicanboy33/30 12:53AM
GG No RE Xerneas 6 v 1 (Archived)Jayroach253/30 12:37AM
Need assistance (Archived)Kaeaja33/30 12:15AM
Another "Do I keep this Yveltal topic?" Yeah, yeah.... (Archived)Zeth_Cross73/30 12:08AM
Flareon trick room set help? (Archived)aydosv53/30 12:06AM
Good EV Spread for Adamant Aggron (Mega Evo) (Archived)The_Undest33/30 12:05AM
Good EV Spread for Bold Vaporeon? (Archived)The_Undest53/29 11:58PM
Look at my Riviera + Pokemon crossover pics. (Archived)GangstaLizard9533/29 11:56PM
Best physical wall! (Poll)
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Faust_8313/29 11:40PM