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Powersaves Question regarding Events. (Archived)MegaSableye54/4/2014
What choice items should be included in future games? (Poll)
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Bagon will be the end of me... (Archived)myoldname74/4/2014
Question and Idea regarding Eject button (Archived)Pikapal64594/4/2014
Aromatisse EV Spread (Archived)Animako34/4/2014
So what's the best sets for these terribad gen 1 water pokes? (Archived)Magikarpus94/4/2014
what if i threw a mouse trap at youngster joey (Archived)Tatakai-No-Kami34/4/2014
Rounding out this Maison team? (Archived)Zeron RB34/4/2014
"communication failed" "failed to connect with the other trainer" (Archived)moltres_rider44/4/2014
Talonflame has dropped from the top 10 usage in showdown. (Archived)
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So what type would you give a raptor Pokemon? (Archived)
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Where is Sycamore in the post game? (Archived)VRX300024/4/2014
Pokemon Black and White 3: Unlimited blade works Arcade edition 2015. (Archived)Emp_ImOnWelfare94/4/2014
So this Guy used 5 Mewtwo's against me... (Archived)
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When gengar drops to UU will he still count as the only always OU mon (Archived)
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Dare: use at least one eevee lotion on the team (Archived)
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So is Dark Pulse on Mega Lucario just for Aegislash? (Archived)
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Ban TalonfLAME!! (Archived)
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Question to Power Save users (Archived)The_Undest24/4/2014
Why isn't Muk used more often? (Archived)
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