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Weezing help (Archived)Asynch_12/11 5:03AM
Torchic/Blazikenite (Archived)TrainGrayson32/11 5:01AM
Why is everyone asking for celebi on gts when you can get one with Pokebank (Archived)
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Megamanxlegends112/11 4:54AM
Need some advice with Gliscor EV spread (Archived)AncientArti32/11 4:45AM
When do they announce if Mega Lucario, Genesect, and DeoxysS are banned? (Archived)
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stardustehero422/11 4:39AM
Shiny SPOILERS looks awesome (SPOILERS AGAIN) (Archived)
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GilgameshSwords522/11 4:36AM
Uh Oh! Help! (Archived)OurDailyBran72/11 4:34AM
Used a Furfrou in Rated with a move set outside "Smogon Rules" (Archived)
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gamefatty502/11 4:23AM
Is Scyther a valid alternative to Scizor? (Archived)EwigD82/11 4:06AM
Question about EV Training. (Archived)OurDailyBran62/11 3:56AM
EV bug (Archived)cocomunga12/11 3:51AM
The RNG Goddess finallly gave me something in return for all her crap! (Archived)
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syaoran-kun172/11 3:50AM
Awesome Things from Wonder Trade (Archived)
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123outerme112/11 3:49AM
Pre-Pokebank OU: Sandstorm Team Draft: Pokemon Recommendations REPOST (Archived)jeof9622/11 3:47AM
Wait, what?! (Archived)LightningAce1162/11 3:37AM
Just listen to diantha's theme and I have to say (Archived)LightningAce1152/11 3:28AM
Is it just me, or... (Archived)Th3Birdman92/11 2:55AM
What are the most noticeable or prettiest shiny pokemon? (Archived)
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gna647312/11 2:55AM
How is this UU stall team? (Archived)
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Vadmac122/11 2:50AM
...I'm so ashamed of myself right now. (Archived)
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StellaLunaris352/11 2:33AM