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Question about Pokebank (not covered in the FAQ) (Archived)sonofkorol74/4/2014
Edea from Bravely Default would have been the perfect Unova Pokemon Trainer. (Archived)GatedSunOne64/4/2014
Why is Durant so fast? (Archived)Benify94/4/2014
Pokemon Z decides to have only ONE MegaCharizard! (Poll)
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First guy I go up against on Battle Spot has all shinies (Archived)
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Making terrible pokemon ultra rare. (Archived)
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The Picture on Looker's desk (Archived)Brandon04248784/4/2014
How long does it take for Rating Battles to get uploaded to Global Link? (Archived)Judgmenl14/4/2014
Counterpart Version Exclusives Poll: Day 17 (Poll)
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Powersaves Question regarding Events. (Archived)MegaSableye54/4/2014
What choice items should be included in future games? (Poll)
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Bagon will be the end of me... (Archived)myoldname74/4/2014
Question and Idea regarding Eject button (Archived)Pikapal64594/4/2014
Aromatisse EV Spread (Archived)Animako34/4/2014
So what's the best sets for these terribad gen 1 water pokes? (Archived)Magikarpus94/4/2014
what if i threw a mouse trap at youngster joey (Archived)Tatakai-No-Kami34/4/2014
Rounding out this Maison team? (Archived)Zeron RB34/4/2014
"communication failed" "failed to connect with the other trainer" (Archived)moltres_rider44/4/2014
Talonflame has dropped from the top 10 usage in showdown. (Archived)
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So what type would you give a raptor Pokemon? (Archived)
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