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Braixen Wall (Archived)
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TheRamosOnline913/18 10:42AM
It's funny when... (Archived)sonicths1fan73/18 10:34AM
What the hell? My Powersaves keeps flashing whenever I insert X. (Archived)abcDSBT53/18 10:32AM
I saw someone mention that steel no longer resisting dark is what makes swagplay (Archived)gamepimp1263/18 10:20AM
Trick scarf mega banette? (Archived)kadabrium83/18 10:19AM
Dark Void discussion, will it be banned? (Archived)
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DigiWillpower493/18 10:15AM
Pokemon should be used in the military. (Archived)
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ThePokeMan98153/18 10:09AM
New tool to check SVs - KeyBV (Archived)
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Hozu173/18 10:08AM
Team pranksters...! (Archived)N-K-S33/18 9:51AM
The Making Faces minigame (Archived)Kaeaja73/18 9:43AM
How do I find HA pokemon? (Archived)henriue93/18 9:39AM
Triple battle Trick Room teams in the Maison are so fun (Archived)
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Reptobismol133/18 9:09AM
Confusion ray or destiny bond (Archived)NecrosIX23/18 8:48AM
The XY Polls #2: Kalos Pokemon1 (Grass-Type) (Poll)TrainerAura73/18 8:22AM
So I'm hearing about Bankballs now (Archived)Vivisqeq23/18 8:13AM
Best stall/tank set for Ferrothorn (Archived)
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jEr3mY133/18 8:09AM
What's your take on this audino moveset (Archived)Fsufan1283/18 8:07AM
create a new bite/punch/sphere/slash attack without using types in the names. (Archived)
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paipr443/18 7:51AM
Ball suggestions for a Shiny Mime. Jr? (Archived)MahoganyTooth9283/18 7:39AM
Elf, Pixie, Sprite!! (Poll)
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Magikarpus113/18 7:32AM