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Egglocke question... (Archived)
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TepigSnivy203/17 1:03PM
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what pokemon should i catch on my heartgold in apricorn balls to breed next? (Archived)lboyunit1183/17 12:59PM
good, very bulky very slow poke with good coverage? (Archived)TJ_17_103/17 12:54PM
The GF logic of Adaptability's flavor never made sense to me. (Archived)kadabrium43/17 12:44PM
Mega Serperior should've been a thing (Archived)pikachupwnage23/17 12:42PM
Guys...Nintendo UK says that Swords Dance raise your Special Attack 2 stages. (Archived)
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PhoenixRush153/17 12:41PM
I feel so bad for this guy. (Archived)
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Catalyst586153/17 12:37PM
YR: smeargle gets mold breaker (Archived)kadabrium93/17 12:32PM
1/8 Female Breeding is Horrible (Archived)chaosmagez83/17 12:23PM
First time in History: A Smeargle beats a Sableye 1v1 (Archived)thediaoman63/17 12:21PM
Now that i have a 4iv male and 4iv female eevee (Archived)WorldTrader23/17 12:14PM
Impish or Careful Mandibuzz? (Archived)PrettyTonyTiger53/17 12:04PM
My Salamence moveset. Yay or Nay. (Archived)Atom7283/17 12:01PM
Can't decide whether to evolve my Axew or not (Archived)AppleJeZus103/17 12:00PM
Epic Dedenne Sweep (Archived)Flaring-Nova13/17 11:58AM
Lilligant for ubers (Archived)Muffinz0rz33/17 11:57AM
Safari Question mark face (Archived)
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Valen-stein153/17 11:49AM
Question about available pokemons (Archived)ShiinaSayane53/17 11:48AM
How long does the story usually take you to complete (including most post game.) (Archived)blademyth33/17 11:47AM