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Good, slow sweeper for blaziken to pass to? (Archived)
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KaosDevil163/20 2:52PM
Fisher Boy's a QT! (Archived)navi85473/20 2:50PM
Pokemon who's stabs are so powerful they dont need to setup? (Archived)
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dioxxys163/20 2:49PM
Powersave keeps saying "web operation failed." Help anyone? (Archived)Smasher12345633/20 2:44PM
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How a Mega Mawile can beat a Heatran? (Archived)
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Wheeper113/20 2:28PM
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Ok so, Le Wow Tripple Battles for Exp. (Archived)
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Have to play Generation V before I move on to X... (Archived)Lord_Vader33/20 1:52PM
Do you bother with maxing out affection in Pokemon Amie? (Archived)
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adismaltheft143/20 1:46PM