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What if Kalos pokemon had gen five power-creepy stats? (Archived)
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SkylaIsMyWife153/4 8:44PM
Which of these consumable/one-use items would you want to see in Ability form? (Poll)
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-Unowninator-113/4 8:44PM
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the moment the pokemon franchise began its decline (Archived)
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zelionx153/4 8:29PM
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When it comes to catch rates, what is better? (Archived)ajko00033/4 8:23PM
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What Is Friend Safari? (Archived)chazzboyd9923/4 8:01PM
Anybody else really happy the evolution level creep stopped this Gen? (Archived)kazooie95993/4 7:57PM
Is the Brave Swords Dance set Aegislash still a good poke ? (Archived)bladedwraith1103/4 7:55PM
Would you like an additional mechanic for producing eggs? (Archived)waterdeepchu93/4 7:55PM
If I reset my file, would I lose my Friend Safari? (Archived)8Panda43/4 7:50PM
Move deleter work with transfer pokemon? (Archived)Xiocamie23/4 7:48PM
pokemon trainers: how excited do you get when your pokemon evolves? (Archived)mj_webb93/4 7:46PM
I dunno I kinda like Zygarde actually. (Archived)
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themegaman7153/4 7:42PM
Check out my snazzy rain team (Archived)
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CookieMarvin153/4 7:39PM
Freeze Dry/Ice Beam question (Archived)Callista0883/4 7:34PM
Does Pokebank payment use Nintendo E-shop credit *further explained in topic* (Archived)mx_70393/4 7:30PM