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So can you use multiple 5th gen cart with Pokebank (Archived)DonutSteel32/24 8:32PM
Differences between a good Competitive and good In-Game team? (Archived)
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Remijia122/24 8:24PM
Pikachu Final Move (Archived)
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navi854152/24 8:23PM
Are Diance/Hoopa/Volcanion tradeable? (Archived)
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SaintZetsu122/24 8:22PM
Protean Kecleon (Archived)GrankSteel92/24 8:12PM
I need someone to hold all my items for me. (Archived)
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Puppyfaic302/24 8:04PM
Anyone else wonder how some moves translate? (Archived)MegaSableye62/24 8:01PM
YR Daemonscharm Becomes the next Champion (Archived)Dante204972/24 7:53PM
"Your salary will be cut for three month onward," (Archived)
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fedartz122/24 7:48PM
ITT we list pokemon that are highly underated in battle, that are good (Archived)
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Malimario98212/24 7:43PM
Theories on Mythics (Archived)GameReviewer152/24 7:39PM
Kabutops vs Omanyte (Archived)
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sleepingdragon9252/24 7:36PM
death of shiny pokemon (Archived)
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Sandbox22232/24 7:26PM
What's considered a "good" rating on Showdown? (Archived)TheGolgi52/24 7:25PM
How long would a Twitch Plays Pokemon Nuzlocke last? (Archived)Solar_Crimson52/24 7:22PM
If there's any one thing I want from Powersaves... (Archived)Puppyfaic12/24 7:22PM
Just warched Twich Plays Pokemon for the first time. (Archived)achimed52/24 7:21PM
Moonstrike- Bisharps sig move! (Archived)Dante204982/24 7:18PM
Just bought a 3ds and Pokemon Y (Archived)Mister_Boston92/24 7:18PM
Smogon banning of Pokemon; who are they to decide? (Archived)
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LightningAce11232/24 7:15PM