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Am I the only one who uses Battle Spot as a way to see how well my Pokemon will (Archived)Chenmaster2103/6 4:00PM
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Favorite of the Weather Trio? (Poll)
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srzg143/6 2:59PM
wtf, why does the maison run scarfed Manetric? (Archived)
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jb08045153/6 2:55PM
Need help solving a game glitch please!!!!! (Archived)leamankid63/6 2:54PM
Sign here if you got Pokemon X/Y free through the promo (Archived)
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ItronTime163/6 2:54PM
is this a good thing to do. (Archived)strawhatmonty9753/6 2:52PM
Is this team maison hax proof (Archived)
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kadabrium113/6 2:50PM
Speed EVs on T-flame (Archived)
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Atroz215153/6 2:42PM
Some of the Best Pokemons that can use knock off? (Archived)
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marioparty17113/6 2:41PM
Audino egg move amnesia... (Archived)illmatic858233/6 2:33PM
What trainer class would you be? (Archived)
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HHDeception133/6 2:33PM
Rate My Team/Who Should my 6th Member be? (Archived)
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Bloshi9400143/6 2:25PM
Pokedex Glitch? (Archived)
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ColoredStars92203/6 2:07PM
So clearly, it's my fault this guy played terribly... (Archived)Akubarix33/6 2:04PM