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Need help on Final Member of Team (Archived)
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TalesOfXAndY153/28 4:05PM
YR: Garchomp gets Dragon Dance as an egg move in Gen VII. (Archived)GoldenGryados8593/28 3:54PM
Koffing alt ball (Poll)gamemaster71273/28 3:51PM
Anybody else thinks ivysaur's design is better than Venusaur ? (Archived)neo1mark63/28 3:51PM
Do I need all 3 birds for the Coastal Dex...? (Archived)tarzanmx33/28 3:49PM
GameChat, do you use it? (Archived)
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Amourshipping113/28 3:49PM
Our Own Meta Game (Archived)
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Hydregionzek1003/28 3:38PM
A whole new level of failure (Archived)waterdeepchu33/28 3:34PM
Shadow Ball or Dark Pulse (Poll)NDN_Shadow73/28 3:28PM
Counterpart Version Exclusives Poll: Day 10 (Poll)Brodiac199273/28 3:07PM
Any cheats or hacks for editing the name of a pokemon? (Archived)
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GoldenJoe24123/28 2:45PM
Anyone else get screwed out over by that Le Wow Amoonguss? (Archived)Blue_Inigo83/28 2:45PM
Ability Rater Day 80: Clear Body/White Smoke (Poll)ssupermario9283/28 2:31PM
Why would anyone want a 3rd version over a sequel? (Archived)
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ThatKipp133/28 2:29PM
Where to find a Dusk Stone in ST? (Archived)BlueDryBones133/28 2:15PM
So who would make the better mascot? Pikachu, Charizard or Eevee? (Poll)
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jb08045143/28 2:04PM
Why isn't fire immune to frozen? (Archived)
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keflyn263/28 2:00PM
V2: Do any Pokemon exist that resist/are immune to the following types? (Archived)Kamato73/28 2:00PM
promo question (Archived)Dathedr-vodhr63/28 1:59PM
so whats the most common pokemon these days (Archived)
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epyon1995113/28 1:54PM