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If it was up to you, what are you going to vote to ban for the current Smogon OU (Poll)
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MrFingers07252/8 3:10PM
Thinking of breeding a Deoxys-S, is this a good set for it? (Archived)srzg52/8 3:09PM
Which Lati@s is going to be better competitively this gen? (Archived)alienhamster82/8 3:00PM
Query on Flower gift? (Archived)joey1122332/8 2:58PM
help wifi teambuilding? (Archived)detroitwillfall82/8 2:58PM
I feel like Gamefreak took a step backwards with the genders compared to B/W2. (Archived)
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NME_Enterprises212/8 2:56PM
How do you make a legit-looking Shiny Manaphy with Pokegen? (Archived)Bugorchestra72/8 2:53PM
Thundurus-I or Thundurus-T ? (Archived)meestermj52/8 2:51PM
Help With Chesnaught! (Archived)wookieworker8932/8 2:48PM
My Fabulous Journey!: A not-so humble Egglocke. (Archived)Puppyfaic72/8 2:43PM
Poke creator app (Archived)Beenabo72/8 2:43PM
Darkrai ruined the battle system completley (Archived)
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PikaplaysPKMN252/8 2:42PM
RNG hates me. (Archived)
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slomaster222/8 2:42PM
Creative nicknames for Garchomp pls! (Archived)
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thiaguinhohp242/8 2:41PM
i was told if i dont wanna play competitive i should stop playin pokemon (Archived)ashcrv102/8 2:39PM
Where did level 30 Entei come from? (Archived)
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HolyCorsair132/8 2:38PM
Literally a day after my Pokemon X cartridge is stolen.... (Archived)Shorydouken92/8 2:36PM
I had this really awesome and intense battle with someone Gave dude a gift after (Archived)
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CarefreeDude132/8 2:36PM
Question about move relearner and move tutor (Archived)Kentousai42/8 2:33PM
Are you surprised by the fact that (Archived)
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kadabrium192/8 2:32PM