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I was feeling a little generous, and a little tipsy... :) (Archived)The Steel Phantom52/9 3:38AM
So.. I broke bank... (Archived)
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jmeistermcjable942/9 3:31AM
help me evolve Scyther? (Archived)DarthTempus22/9 3:29AM
I still think Noivern is the coolest sixth gen 'mon (Archived)
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Mobile_Platform112/9 3:29AM
Ever Wondered What Diglett Would Look Like if it Was Other Types? (Archived)TG_Wolf52/9 3:05AM
Is there a list of pokebank only pokemon? (Archived)
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Kisuke27112/9 3:04AM
*Sighs.* Oh, for the old WT days... (Archived)VergilsGirl12/9 2:50AM
My Meha Houndoom didn't get Solar power when it evolved (Archived)
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nikhil925172/9 2:49AM
need help with ability breeding (Archived)pokemaniac12132/9 2:47AM
Just got steamrolled by a Substitute Char Y (Archived)Grkd13142/9 2:44AM
How do you start getting into the trading community? (Archived)Alexoneill7777772/9 2:30AM
This Terrakion good? Jolly - 20/31/31/30/0/26 (Archived)ao_bomber32/9 2:28AM
So I watched numerous videos and read numerous guides to Pokegen... (Archived)SteelPunk808102/9 2:19AM
"To envelop and conceal my lovely body from others..." (Archived)Shigmiya6422/9 2:10AM
Let's discuss pokebattle's system (Archived)apolloflameowns92/9 2:05AM
Can someone give me a list of Vivillons by rarity? (Archived)
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VergilsGirl172/9 2:03AM
Just caught MewTwo in a luxury ball. (Archived)Sanktu_Vyvorant42/9 1:57AM
Moving Pokemon XY over SD cards. (Archived)JKSpice42/9 1:57AM
Hidden Power isn't changed by Refrigerate is it? (Archived)navi85472/9 1:54AM
Need Vanillite to finish my Kalos Dex Please help (Archived)VEROSRAY92/9 1:51AM