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How can Taillow have Endeavor and Quick Attack at Level 1? (Archived)thediaoman43/15 9:02PM
Give me 6 Pokemon and I'll make a team from them and post some Showdown! replays (Archived)
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SorceressTharja283/15 8:51PM
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Mega Kangaskhan and Garchcomp are so boring to fight on battle spot (Archived)
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UltraKangaskhan133/15 8:20PM
Think Triples has potential with some refinement? (Archived)evilsquirrle43/15 8:19PM
Do I need to do super training from low levels or does it not matter? (Archived)iCurious73/15 8:12PM
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Seismitoad moveset? (Archived)Javy325553/15 7:36PM
Does anyone else play rated Triples? (Archived)zelionx23/15 7:34PM
Your Favorite Trick Room Setter? (Archived)
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KiteDistel113/15 7:32PM
I got 4 critical bites in a row on my leafgreen cart (Archived)NeoSioType53/15 7:09PM
Rate My Hyper Offense Team (Archived)
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KoolDood777123/15 7:08PM
explanation please! (Archived)Dathedr-vodhr23/15 7:06PM
ITT: We make 7 rules for my next run (Archived)
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AIien803273/15 7:03PM
pokemon that can deal with blaziken and most fairies? (Archived)
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kadabrium143/15 6:59PM
Pokemon games encourage forced mating!!! (Archived)
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WorldTrader183/15 6:56PM
Want to give advice on setups? (Archived)Tacanacy33/15 6:53PM
I thought I would have like Thundurus-T (Archived)NeoSioType23/15 6:48PM
which rock move to use on garchomp (singles) (Archived)kadabrium43/15 6:44PM