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Beta Competition RMT? (Archived)
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deoxyscyclone112/21 5:09AM
No one expects blaze kick lucario apparently (Archived)ArcXenos102/21 4:44AM
Just quick question about breeding. (Archived)jaakob9872/21 4:26AM
I have a question (Archived)Pokemaster236142/21 4:24AM
licky explosian (new Meta) (Archived)
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TurboAE86212/21 4:17AM
Twitch Plays Pokemon: Version (Insert Number) (Archived)Transdude32/21 4:13AM
In game shiny of XYZ Legendaries! (Archived)Rayquaza_is_Z82/21 4:09AM
Cinccino and kings rock is awesome. (Archived)LightningAce1112/21 4:01AM
It's wonderful having a team full of 5 iv pokemon ready to ev train. (Archived)LightningAce1152/21 4:01AM
ideas for mega Eevee? (Archived)Carbon_Deoxxys22/21 3:59AM
What's up with KB Pokemon? (Archived)Tacanacy92/21 3:41AM
Proving/Disproving the Maison Adapts to Your Team (Archived)
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SorceressTharja622/21 3:39AM
Whats the point of Mega Latios/Latias when they already have Soul Dew? (Archived)
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kabigon20532/21 3:38AM
Nothing more satisfying than ending a match with MAX attack (Archived)kclaujames12/21 3:38AM
Precautions for Use (Archived)Kisai62/21 3:30AM
Where can I buy a pure incence (Archived)dj424232/21 3:18AM
I just got my first MM shiny! (Archived)Pokemaster236132/21 3:08AM
Do you trust in Staraptor or Talonflame (Poll)
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ArcXenos192/21 2:57AM
Who here has a Pokemon you like that no one else does (Archived)
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charman5522/21 2:49AM
This Was Kinda Funny (imo) (Archived)metroidfan98722/21 2:37AM