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Use Pokecheck to get the best 6IV shiny or not pokemon !!!! (Archived)
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Pokemon831112/9 4:19PM
Charizardite X or Charizardite Y (Poll)
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Toughest132/9 4:16PM
Modest Mewtwo with 31IVs in HP, SpA and Spe (Archived)EwigD32/9 4:13PM
Is Mewtwo a legendary pokemon? (Poll)
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Legend3000462/9 4:13PM
Do you approve the automatic transmission of your Battle Videos? (Poll)
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J_Applei132/9 4:11PM
How can fossil pokemon be extinct (Archived)VCreate-Malamar82/9 4:06PM
So why are Gamefreak shiny locking legendary pokemon? (Archived)
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TheCAWWItachi122/9 4:01PM
Steelix has no business being a Steel-type. (Archived)
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hodelino142/9 3:57PM
Best looking pokeball for mega Blastoise? (Archived)
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FryDays5000122/9 3:57PM
Contrary Snivy. (Archived)
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antiheroforhire272/9 3:56PM
Pokemon has no business being a game (Archived)SorceressTharja72/9 3:56PM
What are some Pokemon that go well with Thundurus-T? (Archived)CakeOfLies52/9 3:52PM
Random battles so nice after pokebank release (Archived)FireTheft272/9 3:51PM
So I been trying to EV train, but I wonder if I am doing something wrong (Archived)mascot106332/9 3:48PM
Completed my Dex Again (Archived)
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ArcaneRainbows132/9 3:46PM
Why was Beheeyem NU last Gen? (Archived)
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hodelino222/9 3:45PM
Is there a way to farm the event celebi? (Archived)Gsus_9452/9 3:45PM
I lost so many matches today (Archived)
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gna647142/9 3:45PM
Flygon has no business being a Flying-type (Archived)SuperRup9152/9 3:40PM
Did bank eat anyone elses Pokemon? (Archived)
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CryztalDragon112/9 3:39PM