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Should there be a middle evolved tier? (Archived)
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jb08045113/4 12:34PM
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What if i skill swaped this huge power on to Metagross? (Archived)
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Lord_Chivalry133/4 12:29PM
Tales shall be sung not BY the Spoony Bard, but OF him... (Archived)Raltrios103/4 12:25PM
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Miltank isn't a camel... (Archived)
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RatheV193/4 12:15PM
Did you win the final battle with Blue in Pokemon R/B? (Archived)
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F1areaGaman283/4 12:14PM
Using masuda method for Froakie.... (Archived)CyberWhiteTiger73/4 12:08PM
Reckon Infiltrator should by pass Protect? (Archived)Vivisqeq43/4 11:59AM
I tried Doubles and didn't like them... so I'm thinking of returning to Singles. (Archived)
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HopesNo1Fan173/4 11:53AM
So who wants to give me their Xerneas? (Archived)
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ThatOneKid57113/4 11:51AM
Would strength be viable if it had an attack boost like Power-up punch? (Archived)CarefreeDude53/4 11:50AM
What valuable pokemon or poke/move combos should I be sure to grab from Emerald? (Archived)hopelessurchin53/4 11:44AM
Checking affection? (Archived)Pikachu22273/4 11:40AM
Camerupt isn't a cow... (Archived)
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HolyCorsair133/4 11:34AM
Should the Pokemon main series have games on home consoles? (Poll)
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iKhan88343/4 11:29AM
One too many egg moves for machamp (Archived)TheResidentEvil83/4 11:02AM
How do you like my Cookie Cutter team? (Archived)HHDeception73/4 11:02AM
Pokemon war theory? (Archived)
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FalxXD163/4 10:52AM