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Predicting in battling (Archived)
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Proof cradily is the best pokemon ever!!! (Archived)animefan100083/5 11:22AM
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How many legendaries is your maximum? (Poll)
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DrakJay373/5 10:48AM
i actually like Cradily. He was such a beast in 4th gen! (Archived)Chenmaster213/5 10:47AM
What should I do? (Archived)
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chorikawa173/5 10:41AM
What are some great Stealth Rock users (Archived)
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Rate my eeveelution team (Archived)Naxton53/5 10:19AM
How would you change/improve twitch plays pokemon crystal? (Poll)
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Mikokiri123/5 10:17AM
GTS and the Great Clawitzer Experiment (Archived)
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so everyone loves hyper voice eevee (Archived)clayton112353/5 10:08AM
One day Flygon will be better than Garchomp... (Archived)
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kazooie959123/5 10:02AM
If you could be a Pokemon which would you rather be and why?(game related) (Archived)
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PkmTrainerAbram293/5 10:01AM