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Why does Mega Ampharos have Mold Breaker? (Archived)
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Electabuzz & Magmar Serial Code Event (Archived)
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Serebii from SPP544/1 5:53AM
Pokemon isn't 'violent' enough (Archived)
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Poisonedsword224/1 5:45AM
C/D Razor Wind gets revamped into a special equivalent of Extremespeed (Archived)FryDays500094/1 5:42AM
I believe people misunderstand why Fairy was created (Archived)
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Hydregionzek124/1 4:47AM
When did you first get your 3DS or 3DS XL? (Poll)
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In what sets can a -def/sp.def nature be good? (Archived)
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JM_14_GOW174/1 4:30AM
Attempting to get into Competitive Battling. Feeling a little overwhelmed. (Archived)
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Dominator24246134/1 4:14AM
If a Pokemon runs out of PP when choices, will it start to struggle? (Archived)legendrider54/1 3:44AM
Who is the most #SWAG Pokemon? (Archived)
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john150bacardi234/1 3:19AM