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green shiny pokemon (Archived)
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aizen122173/15 4:09PM
ITT: Stealth Grass exists instead of Stealth Rock (Archived)
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GloryChaos373/15 3:59PM
What killed Aurorus? (Archived)iKhan8873/15 3:57PM
I'd ask this on the Emerald board but its so slow right now. (Archived)Miku_36923/15 3:52PM
latiasite,latiosite,diance and azs floette are no longer at powersavesNINTENDO'D (Archived)
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Zor0ark1063/15 3:44PM
Bagon: Dreaming of one day flying, it practices by leaping off cliffs every day. (Archived)Chaosmaster0053/15 3:43PM
New RP! Ultimate Pokemon Fighting League! (UPFL) (Archived)Pendragon7103753/15 3:36PM
choice items and metronome. (Archived)chronotrig10063/15 3:27PM
Eevee and apricorn balls (Archived)LarsenSan33/15 3:26PM
What are some underrated useful Mega-Pokemon? (Archived)
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JudgeMaster243/15 3:26PM
Best Ragequit Ever. (Archived)waterdeepchu13/15 3:24PM
Trollfki must be banned (Archived)
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thiaguinhohp113/15 3:22PM
You mean HE was the leader of team flare!!? (Archived)ThatKipp103/15 3:16PM
Bold or Calm togekiss? (Archived)vinhamon73/15 3:05PM
Burned out artist in Kiloude City? (Archived)Uratoh23/15 3:04PM
I need a special defender any ideas (Archived)
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Fsufan12193/15 3:04PM
Does anyone have the link to that topic where... (Archived)navi85443/15 2:51PM
Do you hate route 19? (Poll)
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playingrobot163/15 2:45PM
Which of these does the most damage to the credibility of competitive pokemon? (Poll)
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Magikarpus533/15 2:37PM
The "Non-Kalos" Breeding Theory... (Archived)ColoredStars9273/15 2:33PM