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Need Help in pokegen again (Archived)
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SunTea07172/9 8:03PM
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Your favorite shiny (Archived)
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Peng380122/9 7:50PM
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Organizing boxes (Archived)
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PRBoricua2112152/9 7:38PM
Dang, Pangoro's a giant. (Archived)Cannon_Sam42/9 7:31PM
Do not use battle spot. (Archived)
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sahilmohammad132/9 7:30PM
So how do I renew my pokebank? (Archived)m0986-862/9 7:29PM
Illegal Kecleon can be used in Online Battles! (Archived)
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massifbeef362/9 7:29PM
So lets f***ing debate: Aerial Ace on f***ing Scizor (Poll)
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Daemonscharm112/9 7:27PM
ATTN anyone who's about to say that Transporter isn't letting in something legit (Archived)
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Missingno_Mastr252/9 7:26PM
What is the best use for a Eevee with Wish? (Archived)RodolfoCM82/9 7:21PM
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Post your current National Pokedex stats! (Archived)
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SilphSpectre242/9 7:09PM
Is there even a point in having a +Speed nature on MegaChomp? (Poll)BurnedPotatoes62/9 7:07PM
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