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AIien803273/15 7:03PM
pokemon that can deal with blaziken and most fairies? (Archived)
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kadabrium143/15 6:59PM
Pokemon games encourage forced mating!!! (Archived)
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WorldTrader183/15 6:56PM
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which rock move to use on garchomp (singles) (Archived)kadabrium43/15 6:44PM
Made it up to Battle 50 of Super Multi with an AI teammate. (advice please) (Archived)Reptobismol33/15 6:37PM
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Do Pokemon From Brazilian 3DS's work with Masuda? (Archived)ColoredStars9223/15 6:34PM
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Masuda Method and Legit Pokemon (Archived)ColoredStars9273/15 6:18PM
Noivern or Crobat for my team? (Archived)Long_Bottom33/15 6:08PM
Ok, Im gonna make this team thread ONE MORE TIME..... (Archived)
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BronyBeat223/15 5:56PM
How do you go about fine tuning non-252/252 spreads? (Archived)xrayscope63/15 5:55PM
Last "evolution" or last "evolutionary" Pokemon? (Archived)NoisyPepper73/15 5:54PM
Let's nerf Arceus (Archived)
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FoundAUsername243/15 5:52PM