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So... How good is the Pokemon Creator APP lite? (Poll)
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Is it possible to teach Meloetta Relic Song in X/Y? (Archived)GalaxyEmperor32/8 5:14AM
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I think bank killed my 3ds xl. (Archived)
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ThePokeMan98132/8 4:35AM
Kalos-bred Mega Gardevoir Fairy-type option (Poll)shiningpikablu25242/8 4:29AM
Why is Mega Mawile considered good? (Archived)
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Flow_149362/8 4:15AM
Which HP for Espeon? (Archived)tadashii1862/8 4:03AM
Mega kangaskhan is the most fun pokemon tobuse on battle spot (Archived)
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deidara21162/8 4:00AM
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