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Which games had the worst leveling situation? (Poll)
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shayminguy7193/6 6:35PM
Can I move something from the transporter back to Black/White (Archived)FrosIass53/6 6:32PM
You should be able to have a boyfriend/girlfriend in Pokemon. (Archived)
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Isaac1987673/6 6:28PM
You know My Pokemon Ranch? (Archived)charman533/6 6:27PM
C/D Gen 6 should get a 4th mainstream game... (Poll)Puppyfaic43/6 6:26PM
Any Clue? Pokemon Transfer? (Archived)ZTMRZ53/6 6:16PM
I don't know why Honchkrow can't learn Knock Off from Gen 5 (Archived)Kadoatie33/6 6:13PM
Scrafty is the best pokemon (Archived)
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darkzero297483/6 6:11PM
Who else feels that theyve played the game out? (Archived)CubeTheLwNoob93/6 6:10PM
So, is this Groudon legitimate? I'm seriously confused on whether it is or not. (Archived)
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TheCorruptAngel163/6 6:10PM
What if Wulfric is secretly a member of.... (Archived)Emerald_Melios83/6 6:01PM
How do I go about getting a Jirachi and/or better Celebi? (Archived)Xialoh23/6 6:01PM
So what are all the things that Powersaves can do? (Archived)
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Bobsplosion223/6 6:00PM
What type combination would, defensively, be the best? (Archived)
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Blackcat0123313/6 6:00PM
Can't break boulders (Archived)
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inviso87173/6 5:57PM
"Comew up and sushi me anytime" (Archived)Emerald_Melios53/6 5:56PM
Which type generally has the best designed Pokemon? (Archived)
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Tyranidomega393/6 5:54PM
Meowstic Female builds (Archived)Jesushazluv63/6 5:52PM
Is this mass cloning method legit? (Archived)TheOPMagikarp23/6 5:43PM
Wasn't expecting to win this battle (Archived)JadeDragoon743/6 5:35PM