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Can somebody explain to me what powersaves is? (Archived)
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Spiega223/31 3:43AM
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What if Gamefreak gives us a chance (Archived)
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fedartz283/31 1:54AM
I f***ing love f***ing Serperior (Archived)
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hodelino203/31 1:47AM
Blazikenite (Archived)tarikbasbudak33/31 1:38AM
Why is Razor Wind such a terrible move. (Archived)xrayscope93/31 1:26AM
New Move: Sticky Shield (Archived)HHDeception93/31 1:24AM
What is your current answer to Suicune? (Archived)Second_Hokage53/31 1:10AM
What's your favorite Electric type? (Archived)
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srzg753/31 1:03AM
Was there a bigger power boost this gen than last gen? (Archived)LightningAce1133/31 1:01AM
Looking for something to breed (Archived)HMinnow63/31 12:37AM
Making A Singles And Doubles Ground Team Need Suggestions (Archived)Xenokiro63/31 12:26AM
Flying/Surfing Pikachu no longer attainable? (Archived)HHDeception63/31 12:18AM
What if GameFreak made.... (Archived)
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Brandon042487113/30 11:55PM
PSA: Pokebattle OPEN beta opening soon (Archived)
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mushman123173/30 11:32PM
Is Timid or Modest better for HP Fire Xerneas? (Archived)
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The_Undest113/30 11:15PM
How to tell when the day care has an egg #BreedSpeed (Archived)
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pumpkinhead104173/30 10:55PM