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Pokegen users, what is "encounter" used for in the met tab? (Archived)
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RemixDeluxe192/8 9:29PM
How did Pokemon like Alakazam and Scizor exist before Pokemon Trainers? (Archived)Noxatrox72/8 9:27PM
Leafeon for doubles? (Archived)The_Catwoman2542/8 9:25PM
Cloning pokemon now (Archived)Shinylugia2752/8 9:25PM
Who can recommend some Pokemon to me based on... (Archived)
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achimed132/8 9:19PM
Wiw, my umbreon made some one DC on me xD (Archived)Dante204942/8 9:11PM
Which gen did it the best? Day 60 - Multiplayer modes` (Poll)
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ThatKipp142/8 9:10PM
Nasty Plot Crobat (Archived)lWrongwayl42/8 9:06PM
uggggg (Archived)NeedProteanFroa82/8 9:05PM
Passerby people are greedy greedy awful people :/ (Archived)
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Godly_Goof122/8 9:05PM
What if BM Trainers could Mega Evolve? O_o (Archived)lime1122012/8 9:05PM
What I Need... (Archived)TrainerAura32/8 9:03PM
Question about trading pokemon with evolution items (Archived)Coryo6182732/8 9:00PM
Guys help me understand IV breeding (Archived)tdsr82/8 8:56PM
Suggestions for my Sylveon? (Archived)
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jakenlucas132/8 8:43PM
Shiny Garchomp Vs. Shiny M.Garchomp? Which do you prefer and why? (Archived)paipr102/8 8:42PM
Um, which one is X, and which one is Y? (Archived)
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DoctorBrock112/8 8:34PM
Why does game freak have to be so ridiculously arbitrary? -__- (Archived)
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Rikardo90232/8 8:28PM
Waterfall vs water shuriken, which should I use? (Archived)
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gna647202/8 8:23PM
List of "Banned" GTS pokemon? (Archived)
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trunks76140122/8 8:22PM