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Pokemon Choices (Poll)
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TrainerAura123/29 1:28PM
Rate my team (Archived)Zaybix23/29 1:26PM
Idea to fix the IV system: Pokemon Food! (Archived)hopelessurchin83/29 1:21PM
Who is the most Dangerous Mega? (Poll)
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TalesOfXAndY603/29 1:18PM
Need a foreign Ditto for pokemon X (Archived)theverybest7723/29 1:13PM
They should just remove the hack checker. (Archived)BalloonBattle0523/29 1:11PM
You Feel Like Blue Gyarados Are Shiny? (Archived)JohnHalo34393/29 1:10PM
Are there any three-stage Pokemon lines where the middle stage is your favorite? (Archived)
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SilentSeph1583/29 1:03PM
Question about friendship. I'm a little confused. (Archived)Tendogamerxxx43/29 1:01PM
Flying Gem is still unreleased right? (Archived)Judgmenl63/29 12:58PM
ITT: Your wishlist for Gen 7 (Archived)
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Takaoldaria123/29 12:58PM
is there any benefit to catching all the pokemon? (Archived)amazingwilly53/29 12:38PM
So, I want to breed a KB competitive Grumpig. (Archived)Froakiebloke43/29 12:23PM
cacturne moveset? (Archived)vinhamon53/29 12:19PM
Should i get damp mudkip? (Archived)Greatdaen103/29 12:18PM
Battle Maison uses Aegislash, right? (Archived)Pram_the_Oracle93/29 12:15PM
You encounter a horde... will you survive? (Archived)
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WolfJounin623/29 12:08PM
Am I the only one who prefers walking (D pad) to roller skates (Circle pad) (Archived)
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iammaxhailme233/29 11:59AM
C/D: Heavy Metal/Light Metal should increase Defense/Speed in battle. (Poll)KillerMechanoid83/29 11:54AM
What's a good 3rd poke for my Maison team? (Archived)Aegislash7103/29 11:51AM