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Who would win in a street fight Blaziken vs Infernape (Archived)
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Stealth Rock, Toxic or Will-o-Wisp? (Poll)
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Second_Hokage173/3 5:58AM
Why are some people doing this? (Archived)
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Carlos994133/3 5:45AM
Breeding can be so obnoxious (Archived)cocomunga93/3 5:44AM
The luck factor is what's keeping the metagame from being taken seriously (Archived)
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RedArchangel20233/3 5:39AM
lol people are that dependent on SR (Archived)kazooie95943/3 5:12AM
Sometimes you just own someone so hard that you need to make a topic on gamefaqs (Archived)
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The Fir Coat123/3 5:02AM
I never have luck finding shinies, but breeding.... (Archived)Leoneth33393/3 5:01AM
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