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Best Torterra setup? (Archived)ZarthimusPrime63/2 1:14AM
So how much does Huge Power boost your attack stat? (Archived)
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Stover46153/2 1:12AM
Planning to beat the older generations that I haven't played yet before I start (Archived)Lord_Vader63/2 1:00AM
Bringing Pokemon over from Old Games? Help? o.O (Archived)
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MelonHead1214113/2 12:54AM
Rate this anti-hax maison doubles team (Archived)Gh3ttoNinja53/2 12:49AM
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Mega Mewtwo Z should be this. (Archived)GaleWings-Ho-Oh103/2 12:41AM
So why did GF nerf hidden power when breeding them is so much easier now? (Archived)inTaCtfuL83/2 12:37AM
Yes! I got an ice wind keldeo over. (Archived)LightningAce1133/2 12:37AM
Poke Missing (Archived)DragonballZRB33/2 12:26AM
Trying to decided on a move for Paranflinch Togekiss (Archived)Adrian204033/2 12:25AM
Smogon considering ban on Swagger/Prankster (Archived)
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Hippopotas2573/2 12:24AM
Hp ghost keldeo okay? (Archived)
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LightningAce11363/2 12:18AM
Can stoutland be OP? (Archived)vinhamon103/2 12:09AM
Physical vs Special usagewise (Archived)JohnRust793/2 12:07AM
Gastrodon set without Earth Power? (Archived)matdsotm393/2 12:06AM
Would anyone be interested in a 4/5iv Female Jolly Sneasel w/ HA Giveaway? (Archived)
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MahoganyTooth92113/1 11:56PM
Does random battle on Showdown (Archived)kclaujames53/1 11:46PM
how many times have you played pokemon x/y? (Archived)
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mj_webb143/1 11:40PM
Why would anyone use mega kangaskhan? (Archived)
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black_turkey133/1 11:37PM