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Deoxys question... (Archived)-Raven33/30 7:38AM
make a team based on...... (Archived)
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N-K-S113/30 7:33AM
Charizard's Japanese name makes it sound like a mafia boss (Archived)Wandering__Hero83/30 7:30AM
Which type combo has the most weaknesses? (Archived)
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EffectAndCause163/30 7:27AM
What if nintendo adopted smogon rules? (Archived)
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LightningAce11323/30 7:23AM
Mewtwonite Y question... (Poll)-Raven23/30 7:14AM
Is your in-game team predetermined or do you let it happen naturally? (Archived)
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EffectAndCause153/30 7:05AM
Vivillon event (Archived)mecha-man103/30 6:47AM
How many battles does it take to reach a high rating on Showdown, (Archived)Hydregionzek63/30 6:46AM
gamefreak had no good reason for removing move tutors (Archived)
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LightningAce11323/30 6:30AM
Den 6v6 legendaries (Archived)SilentCow96083/30 6:26AM
What is with the Pyroar gimmick on this board? (Archived)
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Judgmenl243/30 6:19AM
The dialogue on this game is......weird. (Archived)MasterChief64633/30 5:47AM
What is the best new feature introduced in X and Y? (Poll)
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itachi134383/30 5:33AM
C/D Move Tutors should work like this. (Archived)Cody_Blackquill33/30 5:09AM
Stats question (Archived)irratatedstick43/30 4:59AM
Is there any way to get battle videos to youtube w/o expensive equipment? (Archived)Phoenix_Heart23/30 4:53AM
Hurrah just got a shiny Sandile! (Archived)Flamingace1893/30 4:36AM
What move tutors do you want to see in the third version(s)? (Archived)
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abcDSBT403/30 4:36AM
What happened to Pokecheck? (Archived)Pupu2723/30 4:34AM