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MysteriousZ172/18 2:51AM
What pokemon(s) do you use to EV train? (Archived)
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KingTGP332/18 2:50AM
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List of things PokeBank actually checks? (wip) (Archived)King of Cats92/18 2:40AM
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Grass type now resists Fighting and Fairy,and super effective to Fairy (Archived)
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DemiseEnd192/18 2:05AM
Favourite Pokemon: Part 4: The Early Game Bug (Poll)
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toad878182/18 1:57AM
Blaziken Vs Scolipede (Baton Passing) (Archived)UltraKangaskhan62/18 1:46AM
Petit Computer Pokemon (Archived)Jokerboy1112/18 1:41AM
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ghost are now weak to bug and does nfe to bug (Archived)DemiseEnd62/18 1:38AM
Am I the only one who likes the "new" ash voice? (Archived)bfidle32/18 1:34AM
EV training doubles team. Need suggestions. (Archived)thomasfreid12/18 1:26AM
Bad guys beware, Lopunny here! (Archived)Hoozah12332/18 1:24AM
So how far back can you transfer Pokemon from now? (Archived)
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NOM162/18 1:08AM
What is the most annoying team to deal with? (Archived)LightningAce11102/18 12:59AM
Lol @ the bad players on YouTube comments (Archived)
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Rad_Dudesman122/18 12:57AM