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Am i just stupid or stubborn? (Archived)
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KajeI152/22 2:19PM
Oh yeah! Trolled a scammer! (Archived)
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navi854152/22 2:03PM
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Altaria is the worst pokemon (Archived)
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djmetal777192/22 1:54PM
......why is hail Castform so useless.... (Archived)legendrider92/22 1:42PM
Machamp with elemental punches help (Archived)CubeTheLwNoob102/22 1:34PM
Fourth move for ParaFlinch Togekiss? (Archived)achimed72/22 1:18PM
YR: Slow Start buff for Regigigas. (Archived)
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Blackcat0123132/22 1:13PM
A new RP (Poll)
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TepigSnivy122/22 1:11PM
question about starter pokemon (Archived)
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GTthunder152/22 1:10PM
Best IV Spread for HP Ground? (Archived)navi85452/22 1:04PM
Ability Rater Day 66: Sheer Force (Poll)ssupermario9262/22 1:02PM
How much would a 21 HP IV stat cripple Espeon? (Archived)navi85482/22 1:01PM
need help with a rain team (Archived)
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calmminded222/22 1:00PM
Became champion; is there any content that will challenge me? (Archived)ZeroTheLegend52/22 12:53PM
Do you keep safari friends and such if you restart the game? (Archived)
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The_Juice_222/22 12:46PM
If I have a speed IV of 29, will it make a difference at level 50? (Archived)Froakiebloke62/22 12:30PM
The Almighty Helix Fossil. Revive or not? (Poll)
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OfficialAce-Kun132/22 12:14PM
Finished My Living Dex!!! (Archived)
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Victrin88112/22 12:12PM
Pokecheck without a Ribbon (Archived)Bugorchestra72/22 12:09PM