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How does this team stack up to the Super Single 50-Streak team? (Archived)TacoOfTheOpera42/23 12:26AM
does male Meowstic and female Meowstic have SOME different moves from each othe? (Archived)mj_webb62/23 12:09AM
Lets just ban ALL pokemon besides Marticus (Archived)
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Dante2049172/23 12:02AM
Pledges and Smeargle (Archived)Jaricko102/23 12:01AM
do you think that Dedenne will have a "mystical evolution" ? (Archived)mj_webb72/22 11:59PM
Should Sigilyph be banned? (Archived)
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matdsotm3252/22 11:53PM
Luckiest Klefki user ever (Archived)
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kclaujames122/22 11:51PM
Getting ready to start my own channel (Archived)KiteDistel42/22 11:40PM
The best pokemon you've accidentally deleted (Archived)chibbymew92/22 11:27PM
1 battle gives you how many happiness points ? (Archived)ArcXenos82/22 11:21PM
I find it hard that my IRL Friends don't play competitively. (Archived)
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jeof96142/22 11:19PM
do heart scales work for Legendaries? (Archived)pervy_sage45652/22 11:02PM
is Carbink a physical or special attacker? (Archived)mj_webb72/22 10:59PM
Switching from focus blast to dazzling gleam on gengar... (Archived)gna64772/22 10:58PM
C/D there should be giga evolutions (Archived)
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fakefire162/22 10:54PM
Remember that you cannot use Phione in official tournaments. (Archived)
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Meta2891222/22 10:53PM
I ca't imagine Blissey using Earthquake. (Archived)Chenmaster262/22 10:46PM
Make a Smash Bros type moveset for a favorite pokemon (Archived)HHDeception72/22 10:44PM
Relaxed or sassy Aromatisse? (Archived)neonplanets102/22 10:42PM
Rate my OU team (Archived)endergamer537102/22 10:41PM