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Air slash serene grace togekiss is such BS. (Archived)
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Caolan_2k91352/23 11:53AM
breaking bad fans (Archived)Holy_Oblivion32/23 11:51AM
found my first shiny :) (Archived)Miz_iZ_AwSOme_X62/23 11:51AM
I've been trying this Snorlax out. (Archived)
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Companion_Cube_152/23 11:46AM
Your reaction... (Archived)Stillborn932/23 11:45AM
RMT? First attempt at a competitive team. (Archived)Edge4o7_52/23 11:40AM
Elite Four or Lysandre? (Archived)PlatinumBD62/23 11:36AM
Palkia and Dialga (Archived)Jaricko62/23 11:36AM
LF: Pokegen Help (Archived)Nagato41832/23 11:36AM
Lati@sites can be traded locally. (Archived)ssb_master12/23 11:35AM
What are the chances of finding a "Released" pokemon in the wild? (Archived)mj_webb82/23 11:33AM
Living Dex Completion - A Question (Archived)ActionButler42/23 11:32AM
wait, people are worshipping Kabuto now? (Archived)
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DarthNightmaric132/23 11:31AM
Does Pokemon Bank eliminate the need for two 3DS consoles? (Archived)HakuMan11138652/23 11:30AM
I haven't followed the Smogon tiers much so...question about Mega and Banned. (Archived)HakuMan11138622/23 11:29AM
Why.... (Archived)Bullet_Aim_Bang92/23 11:28AM
Should have picked charmander. (Archived)AAANGRY92/23 11:18AM
Why is Kris always ignored? (Archived)SoulRequiem282/23 11:18AM
Besides Speed Boost Blaziken, are any starters good late game? (Archived)
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AppleJeZus122/23 11:18AM
An argument for event Pokemon in VGC (Archived)
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RatheV142/23 11:15AM