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So what exactly was Team Rockets goal? (Archived)
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Noxatrox152/17 5:36PM
Is The 30% bonus off pix/Aer/Refrigerate a bit ridiculous? (Archived)RJrockstar102/17 5:34PM
Let's try to explain why Serena has a 6 inch waist (Archived)
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ThatKipp142/17 5:34PM
It rains too much on route 19 (Archived)AvengerV92/17 5:29PM
New moves. New Abilities. And better capabilities. (Archived)Davidk9262/17 5:26PM
What genre is this game? (Poll)SalsaSavant62/17 5:19PM
Help me out with Sylveon! (Archived)
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Gen0408182/17 5:16PM
YR Dig becomes a one turn move. (Archived)
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LarsenSan112/17 5:13PM
Why is regular Kangaskhan OU? (Archived)
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beanboyffs112/17 5:05PM
Speculating on the Events (Archived)Raikiri_Knight72/17 5:03PM
Just finished multi battle at the maison with my bro... (Archived)JM_14_GOW42/17 4:57PM
Finally my first breeded shiny (Archived)
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DemonicFatalis202/17 4:54PM
Just caught my first shiny!SHINY ABSOL!! (Archived)halomaster133352/17 4:51PM
What if I had a Stoutland (Archived)Luigi4President22/17 4:41PM
is dream ball HA dratini legal? (Archived)
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HopesNo1Fan122/17 4:39PM
Is it possible to take a pokemon from X or Y... (Archived)TeknomanOmega42/17 4:36PM
Super-Size Pumpkaboo... (Archived)
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Bugorchestra122/17 4:35PM