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Breeding can be so obnoxious (Archived)cocomunga93/3 5:44AM
The luck factor is what's keeping the metagame from being taken seriously (Archived)
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RedArchangel20233/3 5:39AM
lol people are that dependent on SR (Archived)kazooie95943/3 5:12AM
Sometimes you just own someone so hard that you need to make a topic on gamefaqs (Archived)
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The Fir Coat123/3 5:02AM
I never have luck finding shinies, but breeding.... (Archived)Leoneth33393/3 5:01AM
Weakness Policy Aegislash Question (Archived)evilsneasel33/3 5:00AM
should i go back and play b/w and b2/w2 after i beat x and y? (Archived)DarkStar643103/3 4:51AM
question about bagon (Archived)GTthunder53/3 4:44AM
What to do post-game? (Archived)unknowninfo77543/3 4:31AM
Idea everyone probably has thought of (Archived)BlueOak23/3 4:17AM
Aromatisse for a Trick Room special sweeper. (Archived)sajoir243/3 4:15AM
Best nature/ moveset for blastoise? (Archived)jonnyboyIV83/3 4:13AM
Rate MY Pidgeot move set (Archived)Legend300033/3 4:06AM
Nintendo Wi-Fi termination: end of Pokegen? (Archived)toon_link_34663/3 3:43AM
What if...... (Archived)ss4adib83/3 3:42AM
I need some help before I go online... (Archived)LukeTJ23/3 3:26AM
I highly doubt this will work, but does anyone have a 3ds I could register? (Archived)CooLWhiP533/3 3:23AM
I have an idea for a pokemon (Archived)Champeon73/3 3:17AM
What are the legends that can be obtained in level one? (Archived)
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inTaCtfuL113/3 3:13AM
If you were wondering if the shiny charm works with breeding... (Archived)
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Buskowski373/3 3:07AM