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Some people have no decency... (Archived)Muffinz0rz53/28 8:45AM
Shiny gen 6 legendaries? (Archived)joey1122353/28 8:37AM
What would be a better ability for mega lucario? (Archived)
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"The Ark" - COMPLETED! AMA (Archived)
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How much is Pokemon a skill-based game? (Poll)
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Being carried away in an advantageous situation (Archived)kclaujames63/28 8:11AM
I'm now on box five of timid protean froakies. And I could care less about shiny (Archived)
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Meloetta's Pirouette form should've just been a regular form change (Archived)
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Hmm... should I evolve all of these Gastlys? (Archived)Huff n puff 2043/28 7:30AM
help with my larvitar ev spread (Archived)
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Pickpocket or Chlorophyll Shiftry? (Archived)
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If XY had more NPC's using megas, which of these would you have wanted the most? (Poll)WolfJounin53/28 6:58AM
Choice Band Hustle Head Smash Corsola (Archived)
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cocomunga123/28 6:58AM
Is it possible to just 'Give' a Pokemon? (Archived)
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Mold Breaker Excadrill huh. Well I'll show him by sending in my Rotom! (Archived)cocomunga13/28 6:56AM
Says mega stones can be found between 8 and 9pm... (Archived)DuuuDe1473/28 6:35AM
Breeding for Bulbasaur in B/W2 (Archived)Jpnmomo113/28 6:31AM
Elemental legendary (Archived)NecrosIX23/28 6:31AM
YR: Pokemon Z will introduce this move. (Archived)
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